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About P. F. Smith & Co

P. F. Smith & Company is a technology & digital consultancy firm driven by enabling our customers to be better versions of themselves through innovative approaches, and solutions.

We've collectively spent several decades on becoming experts in our respective fields, and look for opportunities to use that expertise for the betterment of clients towards their goals.

Our Values

MISSION: We aim to assist clients in reaching their business goals through focused applications of our technical & digital acumen. Our belief is this can be accomplished without puffery and over selling capabilities. Our team consists of passionate nerds spanning several sub-disciplines in high-technology, and digital media.

VISION: Our vision focuses on being able to provide measurable & quantifiable value to the clients we take on. The clients we work with become our partners on the road to achieving their goals. The process we take includes heavy collaboration, and communicative feedback along the journey to solving client problems.


What we do

Technology Development

Software, Websites, E-Commerce, Mobile Applications, Game Development, Blockchain Applications, Protocol Development, Distributed Computation

Data Science

Data Analysis, Supervised/Unsupervised Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Collection Strategy

Cyber Security

Penetration Testing, Security Auditing, Incident Response, Triage, Vulnerability Assessment, Security Strategy, Disaster Recovery

Digital Strategy

Branding, Brand Messaging, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics & Tracking

Social Media

Content Strategy, Advertising Campaigns, Influencer Marketing, Growth Strategy

Media Production

Video Production, Post-Production, Public Relations, Media Tours (Radio, TV, Internet, Influencer), Media Relations, Media Training and Content Creation/Strategy, Audio News Release Coordination and script writing, Media Pitching, B-Roll Packaging


A sample of past projects


Kimberly Clark

Developed software on an embedded system to observe, analyze, and classify physical objects in near real-time using Artificial Intelligence.

New York

Daily Buzz (PoP TV)

Produced several television segments for a nationally syndicated TV program. Each segment airing for millions of people.

San Francisco

Georgia State University

Developed a platform to collect & analyze student sentiments in near-real time in several on-campus locations.


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